The story of evilness (part 1)

Sneakily, I slowly slunk into the slither centre. Nobody was
there except Bob, the friendly neighbourhood nuclear bomb.
Sadly, he then went off and I was left alone, with my face
scorched to a cinder.Man, it's annoying when that happens.
Cautious, I ran over to the counter to find the owner dead.
"Damn," I shouted,"I really wanted a ice cream sundae."
Extremely conspicuously, I ran out, with my face looking like a very black thing.

                                                                                                                    • -

Stars and comments are appreciated, but not mandatory.
Part 2 comes out tommorow! LOLz.


Before you ask, no, my name is not Jack Frifle. That is just a
writing name I am using so my true identity is not known
online. If you want to know my real name then please go
away as you won't find it here. Going back to the original
subject, this is the story of me. You'll find here bits of my life story (Fake), poems and some other stuff I wrote whilst I was on the journey. Don't steal poems please, it isn't nice. Cheers
Jack Frifle.